Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler


In Our Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler, readers witness the coming-of-age story of Persilion and the power of love. This engaging book shows how Tyrant grows into a responsible adult through learning important lessons along the way.

Featuring captivating characters, it tells an inspiring tale of Persilion’s transformation as he discovers true love with Lippi. Despite his childish innocence, Persilion is ready to take on the responsibilities of adulthood due to Sikar’s influence and guidance. His love for Sikar is unyielding.

With the news that our Tyrant is a young spoiler, it’s up to us to prepare ourselves for the upcoming battle. We should all take responsibility and get ready for the Tyrant’s return.

The popularity of Korean dramas has been growing around the world, and for good reason. They have fascinating storylines and capture various emotions. The latest Korean drama, Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler by JTBC, is no exception.

This drama has gained immense recognition for its availability in novel form for readers to enjoy. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss the plot of “Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler“. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to learn more about it. Let’s dive into our discussion!

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

The Story of Lippy and Persilion

We are all familiar with the narrative of Persilion – an integral part of the imperial dynasty and widely known as “the child”. He is also the youngest among three brothers who have been crowned Emperor. Thankfully, Persilion’s mother Belia saved him even though he was the last one left in his family.

Persilion blossoms into a young adult by discovering his innate magical capabilities. These abilities come in handy when he assists his mother in healing Princess Sheril, who had encountered injury in a fight.

Lippi is another important character, whose life is parallel to the main story. After she was a hairy and aegyo girl, she became a prophet. She became possessed by a novel she had read in the past. She grew in popularity and earned money by reciting the contents of the novel.

Lippi is an integral character that embarks on a fascinating journey, going from an entertaining and endearing girl to becoming a sage. As her reputation grew, she became renowned for her ability to remember the details of novels she had read beforehand. She achieved success and financial security through her hard work and dedication.

Lippy and Persilion’s stories are intertwined with the main plot, but they don’t have any direct influence on it. There is a possibility that Ardal from long ago might be identical to Lippi. This rumor could be true and if that is the case, she would be the daughter of Elaine von Sped, who is also the Emperor’s father. This could be a sign of great things in store for us in the near future.

Along with the primary plot, we are also introduced to a powerful deity named Lippi. Though cursed in her new environment for many years, she still strives to make the best of it by building a strong bond with Persilion.

Despite not being able to free herself from the curse, she still maintains her place as a member of the imperial family and could one day ascend to the throne. Her persistence in spite of all odds is a testament to her determination, dedication, and strength.

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

How Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler?

Unfortunately, his parents decided to part ways and this left the tyrant with a feeling of bitterness. His hostility and rebellious nature towards authority were palpable in many situations. Despite his parent’s commendable efforts to give him direction and discipline, he would often be uncooperative.

The reckless and irresponsible behaviors of our tyrant caused him to be expelled from school, leaving him with no other form of employment. He then resorted to a life of crime, plundering public and private property as well as thieving from stores. Additionally, he would also aggressively supply drugs to underage individuals.

Our despot got progressively more and more aggressive as time went on. He was getting into scraps with anyone, be it children or adults. All he wanted now was to cause mayhem and damage, completely disregarding the feelings of those around him.

The young spoiler has made a huge mistake and is now scorned by all those around him. His parents are grief-stricken, and his companions have abandoned him, leaving only a life of grief and desperation. He has nothing else left for himself.

Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

What are the impacts of being a young spoiler?

Spoiling the environment around you is a serious issue that brings grave consequences. The repercussions of such an act may include but are not limited to, losing relationships with others, getting into legal trouble, and causing economic harm. All these penalties are noteworthy and should be kept in mind for anyone contemplating such behavior.

  • Due to his troubling behavior, the people living in his vicinity began to distance themselves from the young spoiler as he was seen as someone who liked to damage things and cause harm to others.
  • Individuals are less likely to divulge sensitive information due to their apprehension that this might be used maliciously by young troublemakers. Consequently, they prefer not to take risks and would rather keep information regarding important matters to themselves.
  • It hinders them from forming meaningful connections with other people.
  • Many have doubts when it comes to younger generations spoiling the surprise.
  • Destroying and upsetting things can create a lot of frustration among people, and if left unchecked, it can lead to conflicts.

Being a young spoiler comes with some serious consequences. Before engaging in this activity, you ought to be aware of the possible outcomes and responsibilities that come with it. If you still choose to become a spoiler, then be prepared to face the results.

What Happened In The Finale?

At the end of the season, our Tyrant was rejuvenated and had to start all over again. He went through a journey of self-discovery in search of a new meaning in life and ultimately decided to take up the mantle of becoming a hero.

Our protagonist, at the start of the finale, sees himself as a villain. However, he soon realizes that his capabilities could be employed for altruistic causes, and he sets out on a quest to find meaning in his life – to ultimately become a hero.

Despite all the obstacles and difficulties he encountered, he still managed to become a hero. In the end, he was praised and lauded as a hero, giving viewers an incredibly satisfying conclusion.

Our Tyrant Become Young Spoiler

How Did The Characters React?

“Our Tyrant Became Young” ends in dramatic fashion, with the characters responding to it in various ways. While some of them are grateful and joyful, others may be disappointed or frightened by the turn of events.

Tyrant is delighted that he achieved his mission of rescuing his friends and vanquishing the evildoers. He is thrilled to begin his journey as a revered hero, embracing all the amazing possibilities lying ahead.

Alex, Tyrant’s best friend, feels a bit gloomy that he’s leaving but is proud of him for making the brave decision to become a hero.

Sarah is both fearful and enthusiastic for Tyrant as he embarks on a new journey in his life.

The characters are filled with enthusiasm and joy in response to the finale and are delighted that Tyrant has started his career as a hero.

Who is the author of Our Tyrant Become Young Spoiler?

The tyrant has firmly established its place in the manga world, delighting readers with its captivating storyline. Not only is it a great source of entertainment, but it also teaches valuable lessons. The credit for this masterpiece goes to Cooara, who has skillfully incorporated a wide range of emotions into his work.

When did Our Tyrant Become Young Spoiler released?

Tyrant, a thrilling book for young readers, was released in 2022 and is still ongoing. Those looking for a captivating story should definitely check it out it will surely provide an unforgettable experience!

Can I read Our Tyrant Become Young Spoiler online?

Absolutely! You can find the entire series online with a simple search on the internet. Going through the chapters one by one is definitely an option too, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of the content.


With its captivating visuals and suspenseful story, Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler kept us glued to the screen for the entire season. Every episode had unexpected plot twists that kept us on our toes and a charismatic cast of characters that we couldn’t help but root for. It was amazing to watch the main character go through his transformations as he dealt with different obstacles in his life. We can’t wait for more episodes of this exciting show!


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