Microsoft will Improve The Visual Design of the Teams app


The Redmond giant has confirmed that it is working on a major overhaul of Microsoft Teams that, in theory, will affect the visual design of this well-known collaborative work platform, although it seems that initially it will focus on the application and that they . Later, the new design was extended to the rest of the versions.

A change in design means a change in the interface, and the truth is that after a long time it will be very useful for Microsoft Teams, one of the most important and used collaborative work platforms in the world. According to Redmond, the new “floating” design will improve the interface, help increase engagement, simplify and streamline the launch of applications, facilitate the discovery of new applications that will help us on a daily basis and represents an important evolution in the level of experience of user.

This new design is expected to arrive in Microsoft Teams in February next year, although we don’t have an exact date for that month yet, and it could be a gradual start, meaning not everyone will be able to enjoy it. Same time. We’ll see how that plays out, but I think at worst Microsoft’s phased rollout shouldn’t take more than a few weeks.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has confirmed other important news coming to Teams soon, so it’s clear that the company is working hard to continue improving this collaborative work platform. Among the most interesting innovations, we can highlight the greater integration with Outlook, as well as the use of artificial intelligence to promote a more fluid and automatic user experience.


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