Keyper, The Autonomous Robot Dogs From The Spanish Startup Keybotic


Startup Keybotic wants to revolutionize the field of robotics with its autonomous dog robots, called Keyper. It was created with the aim of avoiding risks in industrial environments in sectors such as chemical, security or mining. The startup is in negotiations to carry out concept tests at companies such as BASF, Bombers de Barcelona, ​​​​Carburos Metálicos (Air Products) and Prefecture of Sant Cugat, among others.

Keyper performs inspections without any human interaction, completely autonomously, and performs safety and maintenance rounds in extremely dangerous and complex environments with stairs, gravel and irregular pipes. Likewise, it is capable of detecting gas and steam leaks, as well as hot spots, in addition to reading meters and other instruments. If an accident is detected, Keyper sends an alert in real time. Furthermore, it provides control footage for industrial facilities at all times and has the ability to coordinate with other Keyper bots to perform tasks more efficiently.

In this way, the tool increases the productivity and safety of the company’s employees, while reducing risks, thanks to its advanced technology based on the integration and interpretation of data through built-in sensors and cameras.

startup assets

The startup was founded in 2020 with an initial investment of €1 million, contributed by its founders and private investors, to make autonomous robots more accessible to companies in the industrial sector through the rental of their robotic dogs. With the robot-as-a-service business model, Keybotic bets on renting robots as an alternative to buying machines, which has the advantage of its high cost in the market. The company created this autonomous robot with the aim of mass production using software specially developed to be applied in industrial sectors.

Erin Gomez, co-founder and CEO of Keybotic, says: “With Keybotic, we want to bring autonomous robots to the industry. We need to be able to use bots for potentially dangerous tasks for people, and with Keyper, the technology is there. to make this happen. We are convinced that robots for industrial inspection will be widely adopted in the coming years and we want to lead this implementation.”Although newly created, the technology was recognized worldwide with first prize in the prestigious US DARPA Robotics Challenge, organized by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.


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