Apple is working on new professional monitors


The company with a small apple is preparing new professional screens that could hit the market next year, which means a major renewal of Apple’s catalogue. According to Bloomberg, one of the biggest products will be the new Pro Display XDR, an update to the model that arrived in December 2019.

These new screens will be powered by an Apple Silicon chip, which means that Tim Cook’s company will repeat the approach we saw with the Studio Display, a screen that uses the A13 Bionic SoC, the same chip used in the iPhone 11, and that presents a six-core CPU and GPU from Apple.quad core.

Unfortunately, we don’t have details and we don’t know exactly how many displays Apple currently has in development, but some feel it’s unlikely we’ll see Studio Display again anytime soon. Nothing is set in stone, but if true, the next generation of Studio Display will arrive in a year, or maybe more.

According to the most reliable sources we have right now, one of the biggest new displays Apple could release in 2023 will have a 27-inch screen and use a small LED panel. It’s not clear which lineup it would fit into, but for this type of board it would clearly be a top of the line model.

Many users have been asking Apple for a long time to develop and market a professional screen at a more affordable price, something that could happen at some point, but at the moment there is no confirmation either. With everything, you can be sure that this cheap screen will reach the market, after all, Apple has already chosen the most affordable products in its almost entire ecosystem of devices (the iPhone SE is the most recent example, and one of the most important).


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