Bayern – Panathinaikos (84-68): A “white” towel in Munich


Panathinaikos did not appear in Munich either, as Bayern threw a party and led them to their fifth consecutive defeat (84-68) in the Euroleague.
This Panathinaikos does not raise its head at all! Dejan Radonick’s team also fared poorly in Munich, as they were easily beaten 84-68 by Bayern Munich. With this victory, the Bavarians were even able to catch the “greens” in the standings with a score of 6-11, which is only better than the one behind Alba 5-12. Alfalfa has already lost five defeats in a row in the Euroleague and it seems that the dreams created by the eighth place are on their way.

The first scorer for Bayern and the match was Ruppett, with 23 points and 9/13 on two-point shots, while Bonga scored 11 points. For Panathinaikos, on the other hand, Bacon was the top scorer with 18 points, but the vast majority came back when everything was decided in the match.

Essentially, Panathinaikos was only competitive in the first five minutes of the game (5-6, 4 ‘) and then Bayern threw a party. The Germans advanced 21-11 in the first half thanks to their 10-0 lead and with a “pistol” their defense maintained a double-digit lead to 43-28 in the first half.

With Rubit and Hunter doing what they want, Andrea Trinkeri’s lead is +18 (53-35, 27 min) while the biggest difference of the game is +21 with a 67-46 going into the last room. Seeing the gloomy picture of their team, Panathinaikos fans in the stadium started booing and the match finally ended with a score of 84-68.

Quadrants: 21-11, 43-28, 61-44, 84-68.

Bayern Munich (Trinkeri): Fyler – Door 8 (1/5 doubles, 2/5 triples, 3 assists), Walden 2, Winston 4 (1/5 shooting, 2/2 shooting, 4 assists), Givai 4 (5 rebounds), Hunter 10 (2/3 3 shots, 2/2 3 shots, 9 rebounds), Bonga 11 (2 3/6 shots, 3 1/2 shots, 2/2 shots, 5 rebounds), Yaramas 4 ( 1/5 shots), Harris 8 (3/5 triples, 2/4 shots), Robett 23 (9/13 doubles, 5/6 shots), Gillespie 10 (5/6 2 points, 10 rebounds).

Panathinaikos (Randonex): Walters 10 (1/4 3-pointers, 4 rebounds, 3 assists), Lee 5 (2/9 shots), Papagiannis 6 (3/4 doubles, 0/1 shot, 4 rebounds), Williams 14 ( 2/4 doubles, 3/7 triples, 1/3 shots, 4 rebounds), Kalaitzakis G., Bacon 18 (2/9 doubles, 3/7 triples, 5/6 shots, 3 rebounds), Ponitka 4 (2 / 9 shots), Grigonis 3 (1), Mandzoukas, Gudaitis 8 (2/2 hat-tricks, 4/8 shots, 5 rebounds).


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