Animal Feed: Notes to End Applications


What breeders should keep in mind
Clarification for farmers to apply for food subsidies of €89 million (measure 22) by OPEKEPE when the term expires, since no new extension has been announced yet and implementation will be maintained according to preliminary open declarations until January 10, 2023.

In particular, according to OPEKEPE, with regard to the applications of Measure 22 for animal feed fortification.

  • Applicants for sub-procedure 2, Intensive Livestock, must have a choice in one of the 22-procedure application areas. If someone belongs to two categories/areas, it is sufficient to choose at least one of them.
    However, if someone belongs to subroutine 1, comprehensive livestock, and still selects a field, that selection will be ignored when the request is processed.
    It should be noted that the aim of Measure 22 is to provide exceptional temporary support to livestock farms, in order to counter the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, particularly the sharp increase in feed prices.
  • Assistance is provided through the Rural Development Program for Greece 2014-2022 and specifically through the actions:
  • Sub-measure 1: Exceptional temporary support for farmers in the sheep and goat and livestock sectors.
    Sub-measure 2: Exceptional temporary support for farmers in the goat, sheep, cattle, poultry and pig sectors.


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