United States: 18-year-old arrested for planning attack on synagogue in New Jersey


FBI agents tracked down the 18-year-old, who agreed to cooperate and allow them to scan a cellphone and answer their questions.

The 18-year-old agreed to cooperate and allow them to examine the cell phone and answer their questions. Investigators also searched his home, which he shared with his parents. They seized several guns, ammunition and other items, including a “manual of hand to hand combat skills” that was found in his bedroom.

U.S. federal agents have arrested a New Jersey man who allegedly planned to attack a New Jersey synagogue. Federal prosecutors say 18-year-old Samuel Woodward agreed to allow an FBI agent to examine his phone. He’s charged with four counts of making false statements in terrorism investigations and nine counts of alarming government property, as well as conspiracy to commit an offense against religious institutions.”

The FBI arrest of an 18-year-old from South Jersey who was allegedly planning a hate crime attack against a New Jersey synagogue garnered much attention over the past weekend. The unnamed suspect began to work with agents after being questioned about social media posts and phone messages, that referred to attacks on Jewish centers in Portland and Seattle, according to WCAU-TV. On Sunday, he was arrested by local authorities in Bridgeton on multiple charges related to domestic terrorism and bias crimes following a sting operation by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal Service.

On April 24, the FBI arrested a Newark, New Jersey man for plotting to attack a local synagogue. The 18-year-old man told investigators that he had been inspired by jihadist propaganda to consider targeting a Jewish institution in New Jersey. He just happened to be a recent convert to Islam who had no previous criminal record.

The FBI has arrested a suspect, who is from New Jersey, after charging him with weapons offenses, the arrest said. The suspect agreed to cooperate with the investigation and allowed agents to examine his cell phone and answer their questions. The FBI says the suspect admitted that his plan was to attack a synagogue in New Jersey and had purchased at least 10 rifles, 1,000 rounds of ammunition, grenades and other weapons.

The FBI arrested 18-year-old Ahmed Amin El-Mofty in connection with plans to attack a New Jersey synagogue. El-Mofty was captured on surveillance video buying materials and assembling a gun that he planned to use at the targeted site. The suspect also agreed to cooperate with authorities, allowing them access to his cell phone for further investigation.

The 18-year-old was arrested on Sunday, and was charged with possession or use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempt to use explosives or weapons of mass destruction. He told an FBI agent that he had been planning an attack on a New Jersey synagogue and did not plan to shoot anyone.

The FBI has arrested a New Jersey man who, they say, was planning an attack on a Jewish community center in Brooklyn.


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