Twitter: Lay off More than 90% of Employees in India – Only 12 Left


Twitter Inc. remains with twelve employees. In India, after Elon Musk’s decision to lay off the vast majority of workers.

The wave of layoffs at Twitter Inc. Big steps. Globally, Elon Musk is facing intense criticism for his actions, but also a series of deviations from the once-popular platform.

In the case of India, Musk decided to lay off 90% of the staff over the weekend.

The company employed just over 200 people in India and the cuts left it with just a dozen employees, according to Bloomberg.

India is a major growth engine for global internet companies like Twitter and Meta Platforms Inc. and Google Alphabet Inc. based on its large pool of potential new users. However, companies are also facing increasingly strict content regulations aimed at restricting the country’s big tech companies.

According to the same information, around 70% of the eliminated jobs in India came from the product and engineering team working on a global mandate. All other positions, such as marketing, public policy, and corporate communications, have also been cut. Globally, San Francisco, California-based Twitter has cut its workforce by nearly half, meaning 3,700 employees have lost their jobs.

India has one of the most heated political debates on Twitter, with rival parties regularly launching accusations accusing each other of spreading fake news. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has more than 84 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter’s India offices are located in New Delhi, the financial capital of Mumbai, and the technology hub of southern Bangalore.

Bloomberg News reported that about 3,700 employees remain with the company globally. Musk is pushing those who remain to move quickly to ship new features, and in some cases, employees are sleeping in the office to meet new deadlines.


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