Turkey: The Much-Publicized Ferry Connection Between Thessaloniki and Izmir is Interrupted


On the Turkish side, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the suspension of the Izmir-Thessaloniki ferry line, stressing that it is “unacceptable to us” because “studies have been carried out on this line for nearly 8 years.”
Turkey’s Anadolu News Agency reported that the ferry line between Izmir and Thessaloniki, which started on October 10, has been suspended until March 31 due to low demand from passengers and freight companies.

It is not profitable
The head of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce Maritime Branch, Yusuf Ozturk, said that this shipping line is not profitable for the Greek company.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the suspension of the Smyrna-Thessaloniki line, saying, “The suspension decision is unacceptable to us, and studies have been conducted in this direction for nearly 8 years, and it aims to transport Turkish export shipments faster to Europe.”

He added, “The main reason for the decision to stop is the lack of support, and I do not understand the reason for the lack of support. International land transport companies should have supported this line, and there was not enough demand.”
The company’s executives told the Anadolu Agency reporter that the trips were not in sufficient demand during the winter months and will stop until March 31 and that the ship that will arrive in Izmir on Saturday, December 3, will return to Thessaloniki on Sunday, December 4, completing the last flight.

The ferry between Thessaloniki and Izmir was linked by a RoPax vessel, carrying passengers, trucks, and cargo (pictured above, from Anadolu), which departed from Thessaloniki to Izmir every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and from Izmir to Thessaloniki every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday, on a journey that lasted Until two o’clock in the afternoon.


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