Trikala: A thriller with a 4,600 EGP heist – hidden under tons of firewood in a businessman’s house


In the “knives” family for 4,600 stolen pounds

With the apology of the 68-year-old defendant, the trial continues for the theft of 4,600 pounds sterling from his father’s businessman, in the town of Trikala, worth 2 million euros, on December 15, in the court of Palacio dos Cinco. Larisa’s criminal appeal, as reported yesterday in court.

The 76-year-old businessman’s sister-in-law, 68, is in the dock, accused of stealing something worth more than 120,000 euros per occupation, habit and continuation, as well as money laundering from criminal activities. .

The pounds were obtained, according to the court, in the 76-year-old’s business activities until 1973 and were hidden in a barrel in a firewood from 1987 until March 8, 2011, when they were stolen. Thus, the family process has been pending for more than 11 years, as the two parties are now facing each other in the courts, as happened yesterday in the Court of Appeal of the Five Sessions, where there were no moments of tension between family members. .

The rupture of the once good family relations was a 4,600-pound pot of oil that the 76-year-old businessman hid under tons of firewood in his father’s house, “in a place I was sure they would not have imagined.”, he recalled. Yesterday in his testimony characteristically.

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He also vehemently testified in reference to his sister-in-law “We could never imagine that this was done by our own person. To tell you of my sin our mind went to someone else. We put them into our business, we married them, we raised them. It turned out to be a great devil…”, He affirmed in reference to his sister-in-law, addressing the whole affair.

Paleocostas told me
He also added that, to deceive them, his sister-in-law attributed the theft to someone wanted by EL.AS, who “was talking to me about Paleocostas”. He also indicated his surprise when the Trikala police investigated the case and that the perpetrator of the theft was his sister-in-law.

“There he admitted to taking the pounds, my wife was shocked to learn it was her sister. We provide for everything… It pains me to say I did them well and they rob me…”

He added that it was confirmed that “we will give the money,” explaining that such a matter has not happened until today. A particularly large sum was found in the 68-year-old’s account, an amount seized as part of a police investigation.

Asked by the President of the Court why he chose to hide so many pounds under the firewood and even in his father’s house during his stay in Athens, the 76-year-old confirmed that he “I don’t want Larissa Bank to know,” where he was living at the time, adding that he chose to have them out of the banks, because he felt safer.

According to Eleftheria newspaper, many witnesses testified during yesterday’s session, including a priest from Trikala, who said, among other things, that the 68-year-old woman gave him 42 thousand euros in cash and 50 pounds sterling, because she “had nowhere to turn.” . Go go. “Leave it there.”

According to the 76-year-old, the pounds in the possession of the priest come from the stolen goods, just as the sums in the accounts of others come from the sale of the stolen pounds. It should be noted that despite what the 76-year-old businessman testified yesterday about the recognition of EL.AS. A family confrontation centered, at various times during the trial, on whether or not the families of the two brothers were poor.

According to, the trial will continue on December 15 with the confession of the accused, who states that in the first stage, by the Criminal Court of Appeal in Larissa, in 2019 she was found guilty, and imposed several years on her. Imprisonment (13 years), which is an aggravated penalty.


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