Thessaloniki: Thieves break into homes – they even empty the fridge


Last month, looters destroyed more than 10 homes in Drymos Thessaloniki

In the last month, the burglars have “ravaged” more than 10 houses in the Drymos of Thessaloniki. They have stolen jewelry, electronics and furniture.

In the last month, the burglars have “ravaged” more than 10 houses of Thessaloniki, including the one in Drymos. The thieves went to the homes at night and emptied everything they could get their hands on and stole the rest of it.

Burglars from the outskirts of the town of Drymos have recently broken into more than 10 houses in the area. They broke into the houses, emptied their refrigerator and even stole clean bed sheets. One of the victims says that she does not sleep well these days because she is afraid of burglars.

The burglars are attacking houses with a high rate of success. For the last month, they have raped more than 10 houses in Thessaloniki, not just robbing and looting, but emptying the refrigerator, breaking windows and doors and rummaging the insides of homes

The burglars have “ravaged” more than 10 houses in the Drymos of Thessaloniki. They recently broke into a house and collected all their food, including yoghurt, milk and eggs. They even emptied the refrigerator.

A group of burglars are breaking into houses in Thessaloniki and emptying refrigerators. The first time it happened, the thieves broke into a couple’s house and stole televisions, phones and tablets from the laundry room. Another time, they broke into another house and stole a sofa bed from a spare room. It’s believed that the thieves are targeting houses with large open doors that let them breeze right into the house

The burglars who have broken in to a number of houses in recent months are notorious for their need for easy access to grocery items. The first crime was committed on July 23, where the thieves were quite brazen, leaving a note that read: “Greece is ours, – X.” On August 28, burglars entered another house and stole a refrigerator full of food.

Authorities fear that they will commit more robberies and burglaries in the area. To make the situation worse, they come very often to steal everything that can be found in their way.


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