Thessaloniki: Investigation into food torture in a special needs care structure: what his brother says


A complaint about the torture of the disabled at a care center in Thessaloniki led to two arrests
The trauma occurred when he complained about the miserable living conditions and the torture of food, in a building for the disabled, in Thessaloniki.

A man denounces that his 49-year-old brother -disabled- lived horrifying moments in the aforementioned structure, which has been placed under the scrutiny of the authorities, while two people have already been arrested, one of 56 years. -She has 44 years. The 56-year-old man appeared to be in charge of the site, while the patient’s care was entrusted to the 44-year-old man, who lacked formal and substantial qualifications, and who allegedly physically abused him, often restraining him in his bed with straps. . .

The complaint is shocking: my brother was crying, he said: “George, they are beating me.”
When the complainant went to visit his brother on two unscheduled occasions, he saw that the victim was in poor condition, the complainant’s lawyer, Athanasios Dialinas, 49, explained to ERT.

“He was full of feces, he had cuts, he was bruised,” he says characteristically.

The 49-year-old man’s brother, who lives abroad, makes a second surprise visit to the building, only to discover that the neglect is now putting his life in danger. In fact, he is also suing his brother’s caregiver for physical abuse. She cried: “George holds me down, George hits me every day.” I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to die.

The 49-year-old man is undergoing treatment.
The priest, who is in charge of the temple, appears to have gained the trust of the 49-year-old’s family, and the case is now taking the course of justice. The detainees are said to have argued during initial questioning that the place was not a guest house. The 49-year-old man is being treated at a hospital in Thessaloniki.


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