Ten days “home basket” – improvements and competitions


The competition that the Ministry of Development plans to hold

In order to reduce the amount of waste generated, this Ministry of Development plan to organize a competition among vendors who manufacture baskets that contain 10 days ‘home basket’ and local delivery. This will be held in collaboration with the Department of Geography, Management and Tourism (DGMT).

The Ministry of Development has organized a contest to mark the tenth anniversary of the first and most important national project: “Ten ades” in which we ask you to improve the basic diet, health, quality and nutrition. In addition, five prizes will be awarded each month and the final winner will be awarded with a prize of $ 100 thousand.

When the Ministry of Development (MinDevelopment) decided to organize competitions for improvements and restorations in order to reward the best ones, it also decided to offer them an “idea basket” with needed tools, services and materials. This first basket will include items such as: white rice and bags; free delivery by sea and land; expertise services such as building materials, painting and carpentry services; etc.

The Ministry of Development of the Republic of Minsk offers discounts on purchases for the next five days!

To transform the community and engage more suppliers in the implementation of home basket, the Ministry of Development is planning to hold a competition among suppliers. The objective is to spread awareness of this initiative and increase competition among suppliers.

The Ministry of Development will hold competitions among towns, villages and cities to win improvements for the basic needs of residents. The towns and cities that hold this competition are expected to prepare a “home basket” with the necessary items for each resident in their area.

On the 10th day of this month, “Home Basket”, for the provision of better quality and education, will be organized. I will begin to organize this competition in the hope that each person can take pride in his country through building.

A home basket is a basket full of useful items, developed to facilitate the daily activities and needs of the buyer. In addition, it provides the opportunity to access discounts when buying an electrical appliance, too


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