Rola Pesperigo: A funeral for Georgina in the prisons of Korydallos


Rola Pesperigo, her sister and her mother held a memorial service at Korydallos prisons for Georgina.

Rola Pesperego held a funeral for her 9-year-old daughter, Georgina, at Coridalo prison, a few days before the first anniversary of her death.

The 34-year-old woman, accused of killing the girl, was found on Monday 1/23 in the Agios Nikolaos church, as the authorities refused her request to go to Patras to attend her funeral.

According to the “Proino” website, the detainee’s sister, Dimitra Bisperigo, 34, as well as her mother, Eleni Legato, were in Korydallos prisons to attend a funeral.

Next Saturday, a priest from the Nicaea Metropolitan Church will go to the 34-year-old’s cell for a memorial service.

The news was also confirmed to ANT1 by Rolas Pesperigo’s defense lawyer, Alexis Kogias. “That’s right, I don’t understand how it leaked because both Mrs. Pesperigo and her relatives did not want it to leak, unlike the official leak by her husband. Indeed, Mrs. Pesperigo and her close relatives, hers Her mother, her sister, her stepfather, had held a memorial service for the girl the previous Monday in the chapel of the women’s prison in Korydalos. It was very moving, said Alexis Kogias.A few days ago, Manos Daskalakis, together with members of his family, held a memorial service for his eldest daughter at a monastery on the outskirts of Patras.


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