Patras: The hospital Director Made a Night Naid… in Pajamas


He wanted to “catch” the workers who had gone rogue.
An incident that reached enormous proportions in a hospital in Patras was revealed by the newspaper “Peloponissos”.

In particular, the deputy director of the “Agios Andreas” hospital, dressed in pajamas, raided the hospital in order to “catch suspicious workers” who were absent from work in outpatient clinics.

As trade unionist and POEDIN member Kostas Petropoulos put it, this is the deputy governor of the institution who “not only offers to ‘study’ in such cases, but also overworks! Surely somehow, maybe through the hospital cameras that you connected to your mobile phone, you are watching the movements of the workers.

Mr. Petropoulos said that such a thing is illegal and should be reported.

“Apparently that night he noticed that people were absent from the outpatient clinics and decided to take a shower!” He was in such a hurry that he arrived at the hospital in his pajamas, with a jacket over him. It was obvious that he saw that there were missing persons and he rushed to the hospital to check. And of course, so they wouldn’t come back in the meantime, he didn’t take long to get dressed and you came to us in your pajamas,” a trade unionist told Peloponnese.And this case has already taken on proportions in the hospital, while in the “corridors” the workers also treat him “in a good mood” (because of the appearance in pajamas). Still others considered it too dangerous for a member of management to remotely monitor everyone’s movements.


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