Ministry of the Interior and Communications: Rehabilitation of irrigation networks TOEB Tauropos


The estimated value of the project is 128.75 million Euros before the VAT
Restoration and modernization of irrigation networks in TOEB Tavropos is the objective of the project, launched by the Ministry of Anti-Corruption within the framework of the “Water 2.0” program, with an estimated value of 128.75 million euros. (before VAT, in net present value terms).

In particular, the subject of the tender refers to the study, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of the project for the restoration and modernization of irrigation networks of the Local Organization for the Improvement of Vascular (TOEB) in Tavropos. The total service area of the project is 115,000 acres and is under the responsibility of TOEB Tauropos.

“Bids are submitted based on calendars developed in collaboration with the Recovery and Resilience Fund, the Ministry of Development and Investment and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,” says the Ministry of Reconstruction and Development. It should be noted that, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Friday 12/09/2022 at 2:00 p.m., supporting documents for the participation of interested parties for the first stage of the bid were released. Open international with competitive dialogue. The process of awarding the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract for the project “Restoration and Modernization of Irrigation Networks of the Local Organization for the Improvement of Vascular (TOEB) Tauropos” by the appointed Bidding Committee.

According to the Ministry of Interior and Communications, the following interested economic entities entered the tender in the form of an association: Association of People GEK TERNA – T.E. cr. D. Konstantinidis, “Association of People Mytileneos SA – INTRAKAT – Mesogeios .E.”, “Association of People Aktor Perachores SA – AVAX S.A.”


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