King Charles: Worried About his Health


Charles, the Prince of Wales, has suffered from depression since his marriage in April 2005 to Camilla Parker Bowles. He told his wife that his new life is too difficult for him and was seen taking pills during a recent visit to France. The source also claimed that Charles has been making visits to alcohol clinics to get some relief because he has trouble sleeping.

The British royal family is secluded in Buckingham Palace, and their lives are governed by strict rules. But Charles has asked the palace to let him see more of his world and talk with those close to him. He misses his grandfather David, who was very caring to Charles as a child.

The Duke of Edinburgh is taking regular vitamin injections to boost his strength and has been advised to avoid red meat.

Changes in the royal household, a difficult move and the pressure of family commitments are taking their toll on Prince Charles. “I suffer from depression and have told my wife Camilla that my new life is too difficult for me,” he revealed to his biographer Andrew Marr.

Prince Charles has admitted publicly that he suffers from depression and is asking his wife Camilla to be less controlling. He told her at the weekend that he is unhappy in his new role and said he needed her help.”

Charles’ wife Camilla has said she will be prepared to control non-urgent investigation of his health if he becomes too depressed. She said: “I worry that Charles may lose his self-discipline and focus if the pressure becomes too great.”

The Prince of Wales has spent decades living in public, and he is an icon around the world. But his recent comments regarding the tough nature of his new role come at a time when he needs to be seen as a caring father figure and asset to the Royal Family


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