It Rains Again In Sao Sebastiao And There is A Warning Of New Landslides


The north coast received rain again this afternoon. In Sao Sebastiao, the most affected area, flooding and displacement of large amounts of mud have already been recorded.

What happened:

  • A new alert for landslides was issued by the civil defense for the region.
  • Rainfall of 30 to 60 mm should be accompanied by strong winds and lightning.
  • Videos recorded in Vila do Sahy show residents trying to clear waterways in areas that are already flooded.
  • Mayor Felipe Augusto (PSDB) this afternoon asked the inhabitants of high-risk areas to leave their homes.

To the people who live in the Communities of Juquehy: The hill drips! Don’t stay in your bedroom, go out. Leave the danger zones Maresias, Topolândia, Morro do Abrigo, and many other neighborhoods – Leave the danger zones. It is raining and more rain is likely to come. This is not peculiar, this is a warning. And we do it sequentially.

A group of 34 firefighters, who work in the difficult-to-access area of Vila Playa Verde, were removed from the scene by helicopter. Captain Andre Elías, a spokesman for the Sao Paulo Fire Department, there were no professionals stranded in the area. “Access is by helicopter, and therefore extraction is also by helicopter. There is nothing out of the ordinary,” he explained.

The search for a missing person in Vila Balea Verde was temporarily suspended this afternoon due to heavy rains in the area.

So far, of the 65 victims of the storm on the north coast, on the 19th, 57 have been identified and released for burial. There were 21 men, 17 women, and 18 child victims in Sao Sebastiao and one child in Ubatuba.

The Fire Department received 48 calls for downed trees, 11 for flooding, and none for mudslides in the District of Columbia and the metropolitan area.

It Rains Again In Sao Sebastiao
Brazil Landslides

The Risk Should Continue in the Coming Days

The forecast is “moderate” for the possibility of hydrological events tomorrow in Sao Paulo, according to Cemaden (National Center for Monitoring and Alert of Natural Disasters). The weather forecast indicates scattered showers, of moderate to heavy intensity, in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo and in the Paraiba Valley.

The potential for mass movements on the north coast of Sao Paulo remains high, with special attention to the municipality of Sao Sebastiao.

According to Climatempo, there should be scattered showers in Sao Sebastiao throughout the week, except Thursday. Precipitation occurs in smaller amounts, but the danger is due to the already moist soil. “It is important to note that these are not widespread events and are not of the same magnitude as the previous ones.”


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