Eva Kylie: With Fellow Prisoners Who Have Been Murdered or Raped


What happens in the prisons where Eva Kylie is imprisoned? Who are your fellow prisoners?
Until the Belgian authorities decide whether to re-imprison Eva Kaili on December 22, 2022, the Greek MEP will remain in remand in Haren Model Prison.

Eva Kylie, 44, will remain in Haren Prison until she appears before the investigator. He will apologize for the Qatargate corruption scandal that rocked the European Parliament.

inspiration. The Emirates “nailed” Pancheri-Giorgi as a double “spy” for Qatar and Morocco

This special prison, as explained by the Belgian journalist Michel Guerrier, opened in October 2022. In the room where Eva Kaylie is, she communicates with 20 other female prisoners. Eva Kylie: fellow prisoners
Speaking to The Star, Michel Guerrier described the conditions experienced by Greek MP Eva Kaili. Among your fellow prisoners, as you mentioned, there are likely to be women who have been murdered or raped. Certainly, there are also prisoners for financial crimes, as former Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili said, “It is not excluded that she is next to a prisoner whose husband killed or raped her children,” says the distinguished journalist.

Many Belgians compare Haren prisons to a small town, where prisoners can do many activities and even play sports.

In fact, there are also playgrounds for children of women deprived of liberty, and the new prison is located near Brussels, Belgium. The complex is, as advertised, the largest and most “humane” prison in Belgium. The people behind its design have spent a night in jail.

It consists of eight buildings that house three prisons for men and two prisons for women, a psychiatric unit, laboratories, sports facilities and community facilities.

Under the microscope plot “steak” on Paros
Meanwhile, the investigation into Eva Kaili, who is accused of Qatari bribery and money laundering, has extended to Greece.

The purchase by Eva Kaili and her partner Francesco Giorgi of a 9-acre plot of land in Paros has also come under scrutiny by the authorities.

The specific purchase, according to local parianostypos.gr, was made by the couple nine months ago. The inhabitants of the island speak of a “steak” piece of land located on the slope of Funalia, in the Kostos region.

It has a panoramic view of the plain, Ysterni and the sea, with Naxos Island seen in the background. Eva Kaili and Francesco Giorgi have reportedly bought the nine-acre plot in Paros for €300,000.


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