A Pharmacist is Arrested After Licking a Woman’s Buttocks After Injection in Mexico City


A 33-year-old man, whose identity has not been revealed, has been arrested for harassment while assisting a 21-year-old woman in a pharmacy in Vicente Perez, in the Federal District.

What Happened:

  • The worker reported him to the police after having her buttocks licked after receiving an injection from the pharmacist. She flees the building and seeks the help of her mother, who returns to the institution to confront the director. The worker was then taken to the police station.
  • The victim did not know the pharmacist. According to the Chief Delegate of the 38th Armed Forces Police Station, Joao Ataliba Neto, the victim used the contraceptive injection monthly in the same pharmacy. On the day of the accident, the employee who was helping her was busy and the suspect was on duty.
  • The woman is not sure if the medicine has been applied. According to the representative, after the victim noticed the act, the employee would ask if the drug had leaked.
  • The employee defended himself by saying that the victim would have pulled his pants down to his knees, indicating victim guilt.
  • The man will freely answer for the offense, according to the court’s decision during the custody hearing. If convicted, he faces 1 to 5 years in prison for harassment.
  • The man had a history of harassment. An employee of the same pharmacy network complained about the pharmacist’s behavior, according to the representative.
  • A co-worker told company management that the man called her “hot” and embarrassed her with his appearance. She was transferred to another unit of the drug network and the pharmacist remained in her position.
  • Police did not reveal the name of the pharmacy chain. Unable to identify those responsible for the project from the defense request.


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