The Personal Difference: True Accounting and Pensions Secrets


According to EFKA, more than 930,000 retirees maintain a significant personal difference.
Retirees at the end of January will benefit from the 7.75% increase adjusting the following pensions: national, compensation, disability, temporary and widowhood pensions.

From the data processed by EFKA, it is seen that out of 2.4 million retirees, 931,631 maintain a significant personal difference. Of those, with accounting offsets, 88% will receive increases while the remainder will see their personal differences reduce only to pave the way for reimbursable increases in future years. So:

• For basic pensions of €500, the personal difference must not exceed €35. Those with a greater personal difference will only see an accounting increase.

• For basic pensions of €700, the personal difference must not exceed €49.

Identify personal differences
Regarding the determination of the personal difference, pensioners can see with a few clicks the personal difference in their pension and whether they will receive an increase from 01/01/2023. Interested persons should follow the procedure below to issue a pension statement.

Step 1: Visit the EFKA website

Step 2: Click on the “Retired” section.

Third Step: Click on the “Print Monthly Newsletter” option.

Step 4: Click on the “Connect to Service” option.

Fifth Step: Click on “Continue to taxisnet”. Interested persons should fill in the codes they use to file their tax return.

Sixth Step: Click on “Connect”.

Step 7: “Continue” and “Submit”. At this point, the VAT number appears. However, AMKA does not appear. Citizens must complete an AMKA.

Step 8: Click on the “Connection” option. The Pensioner Details and Total Amount to Pay page appears, where the pension amount is written.

Step 9: Click on “Annuity Information Notes”. At this point, we select 2022 for the “Payment Year” and May for the “Payment Month”.

Step 10: Click on Search, then Print, Run, and OK.

Now interested parties can view the settlement statement. This grammar is shown before cutting – one column is Katrogalo’s law and the other column is Frutsis’ law. Below is “Total Personal Differences”.

How do you read?
Who sees in issuing the settlement the disbursement of the pension:

  1. A great “summer.” This means that retirees will not see increases immediately. These increments slowly reduce the odd difference so that a becomes zero – a becomes negative. And then retirees will see an increase in ATMs.
  2. “Total Negative Personality Difference.” That is, the pensioner will see, as of 01/01/2023, a normal increase in his ATM.
  3. “Without a personal difference.” This means that the retiree will usually get an increase because the recalculation was done with the law of Katrougalos and Vrutsis and there seem to be no personal differences.


Retired PE class employee with a total of 35 years of insurance. He currently receives a main pension, which, after deducting the solidarity and health contribution, amounts to 1,104 euros.

After recalculation, his pension amount is 946 euros + 158 euros in personal differences. The pension will increase by 7.75% and the personal difference will decrease to 72.44 euros without adjusting his monthly income.


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