Maternity Benefits for Special Categories of Employees


Maternity leave and benefits for public sector workers with an indefinite employment relationship under private law (IDAX) or for a fixed term (IDOX) are regulated by a decision of the Ministry of the Interior, extending – in essence – the provisions that apply in the private sector.

The terms and conditions for the provision and protection of particularly vulnerable groups in the country are contained in a sentence that states the following:

With regard to special maternity protection benefits for female workers who have an IDOX employment relationship – with or without an organizational position – a working mother who is insured by IKA – ETAM (currently e-EFKA), has the right to special protection of nine months of maternity leave.

An explanatory circular that after the end of the sick leave and vacation with the same length of the reduced working day, as well as immediately after the previous periods, use the regular annual leaves, whenever necessary based on the annual conditions for granting them.

If you do not take the leave provided for by the aforementioned EGSSE at the same age as the reduced working day, the mother is entitled immediately after the end of the maternity leave to the aforementioned special maternity protection leave, and then to the reduced work. The hours stipulated in Article 37 of Law 4808/2021 start date
The start date of the special maternity protection leave is determined as the day following the end of the previous leaves. In addition, in connection with the granting of a special maternity protection benefit to a putative mother under Article 1464 of the Civil Code, who acquires a child through the process of surrogate pregnancy, and to a female worker who adopts a child from the time the child joins the family until the age of eight.

As a “worker who adopts a child” or another body under whose protection the child or the natural parent or parents are, even before the adoption court decision is made,

“Integration of a child into the family” means the date of physical birth, of his care and upbringing with a view to the adoption, of a child to the “employee who adopts a child” as recorded in a relevant document from the competent social service, or by the biological parent(s) of the child even before a court decision is rendered Adoption, as evidenced by a notarized document signed by the “employee adopting a child.”

The mother has the right to transfer up to seven months of special maternity protection leave in Section 1 to the father if she is employed in a dependent employment relationship for a fixed or indefinite period in companies or farms on a full or part-time basis.

As long as the father has the license the mother transferred him to, he is entitled to the benefits and consequences of the insurance coverage. By a decision of the Minister of Labor, the conditions and procedures for transferring a special maternity protection permit shall be regulated, in accordance with the first paragraph, and all the details necessary for its implementation.

Therefore, in accordance with the above provisions, IDOH workers who take advantage of special maternity protection leave are entitled, on the effective date, to the rest of the special maternity protection leave until the completion of the nine months.

However, in the event that they have already taken special maternity protection to leave for a period of six (6) months and it expired before Law 4997/2022 (11-25-2022) entered into force, they are not entitled to the remainder of the special leave. maternity leave. Protection permit up to the end of nine months.


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