Thessaloniki: Criminal Trial of the Fake Doctor who Promised Stem Cell Therapy


The Protodiki Thessaloniki prosecutor raised the criminal prosecution of a fake doctor who promised stem cell therapy to multiple sclerosis patients and withdrew large sums of money.

The prosecutor filed a criminal case for manslaughter, attempted bodily harm and subsequent fraud against the Athens physiotherapist, who posed as a neurologist, and the German doctor.

In all, he has been charged with five deaths, while other cases are pending. Accused of the same facts, an elderly doctor from Germany was accused of being his accomplice, since he allegedly sent his victims to the alleged pioneer treatment, for which he demanded financial compensation. The profit they are accused of obtaining from each one is several tens of thousands of euros.

One of his victims, who extorted 250,000 euros from him, is from Athens and lives in New Eritrea. She had a clientele of 300 people, and the number of her victims so far is 15, many of them in Athens and on islands like Corfu.

Samples from the vials he was allegedly given were sent for laboratory analysis and found to contain no medicinal properties of any kind, as stated in the findings report.


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