Just 15 Minutes of Vigorous Physical Activity a Week Reduces the Risk of Premature Death


Which reveals a new Australian scientific study.

A new Australian scientific study reveals that a little bit of daily physical activity can reduce your risk of early death. It is increasingly clear that every generation needs to increase the amount of time they spend in vigorous activities and decrease sedentary behaviors, as part of a healthy lifestyle. The research highlights that people who are physically active for at least 30 minutes per day reduce their risk for all-cause mortality by 28 percent and those who are highly active reduce their risk by up to 50 percent (i.e., a 50 percent reduced risk).\

According to the new Australian scientific study, those who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of early death by 30% or even more. The recommended intensity level is your own perception and the degree of pain you feel. It’s also important that you watch what time you do your workout because it may not be top priority to many people out there. Drop by our store today for more solution.

A new study of almost 500,000 people has found that even just 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity a week can protect against early death.

The latest study provides more evidence that exercise is the best treatment for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and many other major health issues.

A new Australian scientific study reveals that even a short period of vigorous physical activity such as brisk walking, each week significantly reduces risk of early death. For example, people who participated in vigorous activity—such as jogging, running or cycling—reduced the risk of early death by 26% compared with those who did no exercise. Vigorous activity should include strength and resistance training in order to provide a broad range of benefits to help prevent metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and osteoporosis.

The Australian researchers studied more than 500,000 adults and found that even 5 minutes of vigorous physical activity a week reduces the risk of early death by 30%. The study was conducted by the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health and published in the medical journal Cancer.

New Australian research has found that just 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week reduces the risk of early death. While the study presented no new evidence on the ideal type or amount of exercise, its findings suggest that even small amounts can make a difference.

Scientists from the University of Sydney have found that just 15 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week can reduce the risk of early death considerably. Their research revealed that an increase in heart rate, which occurs during regular physical activity, may be a better way to gauge how healthy you are than your cholesterol levels or blood pressure. However, the average person only gets around 10 minutes worth of exercise each day – all it takes is a change in habits to start improving your health.”


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