The Princess Wears Zara: Kate Middleton Goes Against The Brand’s Look

The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton and Prince William at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

While the Carnival was taking place in Brazil with a parade of Celebrity looks, on Sunday (19), in the United Kingdom, the British Academy Film Awards, Baftas, were held. In addition to the actresses, actors, and directors present, the red carpet for the 2023 edition was attended by the royal couple William and Kate Middleton, Prince and Princess of Wales.

Like all of Kate’s public appearances, her appearance became the subject of the media, and photos of her were reposted on social media. The Princess of Wales wore a one-shoulder white gown by British designer Alexander McQueen, designed by designer Sarah Burton, who also designed Kate’s wedding dress in 2011.

The model, which the princess had already used on the red carpet at the awards in 2019, is renewed. The flowers placed on her shoulder gave way to a tablecloth that fell on Kate’s arm.

“Fast Fashion” Ears

The dress could be the same, but it was worn with very different accessories. For the 2023 look, Kate wore long black velvet gloves and swapped out the royal jewelry for drop earrings, two options considered daring for her classic look.

The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton and her Zara earrings at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)

The other point that also drew attention when choosing the earrings was their value: the accessory is from Zara and costs 17.99 pounds sterling (about 112 Brazilian reais). Yes, the cost, since the product sold out in Zara’s e-commerce a few hours after it appeared in Kate’s look.

Elizabeth Holmes, author of “Her Royal Highness: Lots of Royal Style Ideas”, pointed out, in her Instagram stories, another peculiarity of the princess’s appearance, this time noting that there is a coincidence in the appearance of the royal couple, since that William Tux wore Tom Ford velvet that matched the velvet gloves Kate wore.

Continuous? Bit

In fact, Kate repeated this choice by repurposing the same dress for the Bafta red carpet in 2020. At the time, the dress code for the event suggested the look could be “upcycled, sustainable or vintage.” After the proposal, the princess put on another Alexander McQueen dress again.

The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton and Prince William at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) in 2019

The truth is that the practice of repeating looks at red-carpet events is becoming more common among celebrities. The princess, with some reluctance, reuses her ball gowns for awards or royal family appointments. This choice is considered conscious and responsible.

On the other hand, the fact that the princess wears pieces from fast fashion brands is controversial. Although part of the British media catalog the procedure as an affordable option, which makes more people aware of it, since its method is closer to the purchasing power of the majority of the population, on social networks users express opposing opinions. , disappointed with the princess’s choice to wear it, and with its enormous power in effect promoting fast-fashion brands known for unsustainable practices.

The “Kate effect” is real. Everything that the princess wears quickly disappears from the shelves. Zara’s £17.99 floral earring, for example, was sold out in the store and was already on sale on resale sites for as much as £120 (around R$745).

Old Condition

Mixing designer pieces with affordable ones is part of the princess look. Of the luxury brands, it is common for me to choose Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham. For the affordable category, the Princess always goes for her Superga sneakers and it’s no secret that she wears Zara pieces frequently.

The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton and Prince William on their honeymoon in 2011

Kate has dressed in Spanish fast fashion on several occasions. In 2011, she appeared in a blue Zara dress on her way to her honeymoon with Prince William. At the time, the piece was much talked about (and desirable!) and used again on other occasions.

In 2016, it was the bohemian print dress’s turn to gain popularity during a royal tour of India, where it stood apart from Kate’s classic choices.

The Princess Wears Zara
Kate in a Zara dress, in India, in 2016
The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton with Zara production in Canada

In a double dose, Kate opted for a white Zara jacket and skinny jeans on a visit to Canada. The narrow-waisted pants model is one of her favorite outfits and appears in many of her looks.

In January 2020, the black and white dress Kate wore on a visit to Bradford, UK caused a stir and sold out within hours of her appearance.

The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton wears Zara in 2020
The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton wears Zara

Less classic and edgier, Zara’s leopard print pleated skirt was worn in March 2020, paired with a high-neck top and heels.

Kate’s last public appearance at Zara before the BAFTAs was in February, during a visit to the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. The piece chosen was a red tweed jacket, the same color as the Danish flag.

The Princess Wears Zara
Kate Middleton in Copenhagen in 2022


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