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Did you miss the style of the majority of the French Americans in Paris? The third season of Emily in Pais (Netflix) for the first time on Wednesday (21) and we can expect: “very elegant.”

Emily adopts the French style once and for all, without losing the incredible appearance that made history since the first season. “This time, we wanted to immerse ourselves in the cold and elegant Paris. It is safer and bold,” celebrates Lily Collins in a press release.

The actress says that fashion designer Marylin Fitoussi thought about Emily’s appearance inspired by her new hair (strip!) He referred to the French style in the sixties and seventies. Bardot, in the continuation of Emily’s scheme more than Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, and “Little Kate Moss”, is surprised by Lily.

This translates into a costume of each season, with a different silhouette, a notable waist, wide pants, and very high heels. Follow the palette of very diverse colors and the influence is not only real-life seasons.

Those who followed the second season until the end know that Emily is between two mentors and two styles: Sylvie’s “Je Ne Sais Quoi” and Madeleine’s extremely colorful.

Sylvie Grateau
Madeline Wheeler

In an incredible production of World of 43, the protagonist has his favorite appearance: “Pierre Cadault blouse retroactively. It is in black and white with this crazy jam, which I used with black shorts and excellent Louboutin shoes.”

Lily Collins’ Favorite Costume in Season 3 of “Emily in Paris”

Fashion with Emily

In turn, the creator of the series Darren Star believes that there is no way to photograph Paris without talking about fashion, “which was always in the DNA” of the series. He says that with the growth of characters such as designer Pierre Cadault, the fashion market will also be deeper in this series.

Unlike the other two seasons, in which he collaborated with Patricia Field, Marylin Fitoussi drew the third stage of the series alone (but with more exchanges exchanged, he says). He says: “The challenge, this time, did not repeat and risk more.”

Emily’s Griefed Appearance in Paris

What the public will see this season, explains the fashion designer, is Emily reinterpreting the codes of French fashion, through iconic productions, but always with personality. “She doesn’t follow fashions or rules. She gives herself the freedom of expression. She is the one who is followed and imitated”.

Fringe has brought a whole new set of references, says Marylin, such as the Nouvelle Vague, Godard’s cinema, and the actress Stéphane Audran.

However, it’s not just Emily’s style that promises to impress a large number of fans. Sylvie, the French chef who is as elegant as she is serious, is also in the spotlight.

Sylvie Grateau is now inspired by, those who knew, Emily

If until now she has been characterized by her simple style and sober colors, in Season third Emily inspired her to take a risk with a more vibrant look, with fuchsia, oranges, and purples.

More news for on-duty fashionistas: The series continues with many iconic brands for its fashion, but new designers like Swiss Kevin Germanier and Weinsanto from Switzerland also have space.

As for Emily’s best friend Mindy, she’s hoping for a little more sparkle, more gender mixing, and a simple ensemble: a neon Mugler jumpsuit for a special show.

Mindy wears Mugler
Mindy comes back with a lot of sparkles

There’s also a fun fact about Alfie showing Emily his amazing sneaker collection. This variety, however, Cyrille Benchimol, supervisor of anti-covid measures in production, has more than 1,200 pairs.

Are you Dior?

Pierre Cadault is back

One of the events in question is taking inspiration from fashion to drive this season, as was the show in the center of the Palace of Versailles on the second stage. The fictional Pierre Cadault is honored at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The inspiration is almost obvious: Dior was honored in 2017 in the same place for 70 years.

In addition to being the setting for Lily Collins’s favorite look on the show, as you saw above, the scenes in this sequel are full of fashion trivia. And one of the funniest scenes in the plot (contains spoilers).

Sylvie Grateau and Madeline Wheeler

Sylvie and Madeline make the same appearance, obviously causing embarrassment among former competitors and talent. In the French version, the model looks simple, without accessories, simple in the French style. In the American version, she is paired with gold jewelry, including an Elsa Peretti snake necklace.

Pierre Cadault and Sylvie Grateau

The black dresses, with plunging necklines and strange browns on the back, are Cadault in fiction, but in real life, they are the legitimate Stephane Rolland. The designer had already appeared in the series with a dress Emily wore in season 1, but his involvement was increasing. So much so that, in addition to appearing as himself on stage, the pieces on display in the gallery are actually his own work.


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