All of Christina Bedrush’s Dresses in New Year’s Bells


A few hours before the presenter impresses viewers with her new ‘look’, we review all of her models for Grapes’ presentation at Puerta del Sol.


Last year, Cristina Pedroche chose a piece for the museum, precisely from the Manuel Peña Museum, where she honors the artist who died in 1994. A work that illustrates the transformation of insects. An “appearance” consisting of a steel helmet later revealed to be the hairless presenter, futuristic spiked boots, and a cape designed by BUJ Studio.


Christina Bidruch honored those confined in the first year of the pandemic with a striking suit that imitated a mini mask. It took over 350 hours of work to make 16,300 crystals. It was the work of Pedro del Hierro. In the first few minutes of Chimes, the broadcaster hid this dress with a veil made from 100 meters of fabric.


In 2019, Cristina put herself in the hands of Jacinto de Manuel for a fantastic piece that was undoubtedly the most daring she wore on New Year’s Eve. Just before the end of the year, Vallecana dropped her black cape to show off a dazzling figurine made from recycled glass and gold-plated that required the young woman to rigorously maintain her weight and even make sure her underwear didn’t fit.


Two years ago, Bedros said goodbye to Pronovias and chose Tot Home to decorate. She returned to the trick of the pink cape and surpassed herself when it came to showing her skin: the woman from Madrid opted for a bikini adorned with voluminous flowers in shades of pink, lavender, and green, which she combined with a light pastel skirt.


Bedroche once again trusted Pronovias, this time also choosing the brand’s creative director, Hervé Moreau. She ditched the dress to appear beautifully swathed in a red satin gown with a high collar and long sleeves, with a little train. Underneath, she wore a jumpsuit that, in addition to the famous transparencies, had an elaborate white lace design. The time spent to make the model by hand is much commented: more than 244 hours of work.


She repeated the presentation with Pronovias in her third Campanadas, choosing to hide under a mantle of splendid lime and fuchsia, a dress with a dark blue bodice, with a stunning neckline, and a tulle skirt similar to the one from the previous year but combined with a corset whose design was surmounted by several stars. Silver ribbons adorn the body from top to bottom.


Bedrush began his poetic work with Pronovias five years ago, a poetic film accompanied by a theatrical production that will be part of the following years: the appearance is covered by a mantle so that the moment of revealing its stylistic commitment is more impressive. For the occasion, the white cape concealed a nude dress with a tulle skirt and was adorned with more than 20,000 crystals.


The debut year was the year the “look” controversy exploded, and it never quite went away. The black design with transparencies used by Pedroche, signed by Charo Ruiz, will represent the stylistic trend of the following years (transparency) and will set social networks on fire with a massive debate between those who applauded the presenter’s risks and those who considered the dress more appropriate.


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