The Money Lily Collins Won with “Emily in Paris”


Phil Collins has achieved fame around the world, thanks to Netflix’s popular imagination and her salary already approaching the representatives of “Stranger Things“.

Emily in Paris is one image with Netflix’s biggest clouds. The story of this romantic comedy starring Lily Collins has managed to overcome millions of subscribers worldwide, so her platform session is more than a believer. Thanks to this series, Phil Collins’s daughter’s profession is increasing and cachet has been evaluated significantly. But how much did the actress win with each of the stations?

Lily Collins sees how her wealth increases thanks to the success of “Emily in Paris“. It was also published by the portal “Celebrity Net Watch”, the 33-year-old translator, with a net value of $25 million. In addition, the actress earns about $300,000 for each of the episodes that make up part of Netflix Imagination. According to these data, about $3 million is pocketed for each of the stations.

Although it is correct that Netflix never reveals the actual data of its product artists, there are specialized web pages as they are in “The Richest”. In this gate, they confirm that Lily Collins’s salary will even be for some actors in “Stranger Things,” such as David Harbour, or Winona Ryder, who would receive about $350,000 per episode.

Lily Collins Defends Criticism

Emily in Paris, accumulates a hundred positive criticism, although it is also negative. Some of the comments that Echo Lily Collins wanted to do in their recent interview for “V” magazine. The actress explains how to bring criticism and how her beginnings were in the world of acting: “I think people know, communicate and learning is the best of trade.”

They definitely rejected me a lot in the beginning. They told me “no” repeatedly. I suppose, for me, it has always been important not to reject the following: “No, that will not be to me.” “It was simply” no, now it’s not the right time. “When it comes to criticism, he says,” You really need to overcome everything negative.”


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