Karagiannis: €3.5 billion projects in Crete from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport


In the coming weeks, the first BOAK construction sites
Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for infrastructure, Mr. Giorgios Karagiannis, spoke at the Political Officials Training Academy organized by New Democracy.

“Only from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, and only in Crete, are we launching projects worth about 3.5 billion euros,” said Mr.Karagiannis.

The most symbolic project that has begun to be implemented on the island is BOAK, a project that, according to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, “indebted the Greek state to Crete and which has become a thorn in Arta for many years.” A project with a budget of more than 2,200 million euros where the assembly of the first works will begin in the coming weeks and by the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024 all fronts will be opened.


Mr. Karagianis then pointed out the milestones for the construction of the large project: “At the beginning of September, the contract for the improvement project was signed – the extension of the existing section in Naples – Ag. Nicholas in Lasithi. At the beginning of 2023, the construction of the BOAK section from Hersonissos to Neapolis will begin, especially Chania – Heraklion Division, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure highlighted that “This is the largest concession project to start in Europe and one of the largest ever implemented in Greece. Last week, the themes for Phase B of the competition were approved and delivered to the participants so that we will have a temporary contractor for this great project by the end of March.”

Next Steps

Regarding the planning of the remaining departments, Mr. Karagiannis announced that “the studies for the Kissamos – Chania option section are progressing, so that the EIA will be submitted during the first quarter of 2023 and the construction of this section next to Chania-Heraklion, while we continue to mature the BOAK studies for:

Al-Soudah – Airport Section and The parts east of Agios Nikolaos up to Sitia.
In fact, Mr. Karagiannis announced “significant developments for both sections during 2023, particularly the sections of ‘Kalo Chorio – Frouzi Bridge’ and the Frouzi Bridge section to Pashia Amos bypass”.

“In addition to new road projects, we are implementing projects to improve road safety, in addition to a group of projects aimed at dealing with landslides,” added the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

Other infrastructure interventions are also being implemented.

According to Mr. Karagiannis, “additional construction works for the Pramiano Dam and flood control works for Gras Legias and Myrtos Dam were announced last month.”

In addition, according to the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, during the week “the pre-selection phase of participants in the tender for the Tavronitis Dam will begin, which will solve a decades-old demand for irrigation of highly productive agricultural lands with water savings, while at the same time making a significant contribution to protection from flooding in neighboring areas.

With regard to the new airport in Kasteli, Mr. Karagiannis declared that “the works are more than 20% complete” while for the construction projects being carried out on the island, the measures for the construction of the new Palaces of Justice in Heraklion and Chania are progress and the reconstruction of the Palace of Justice of Rethymno.

Mr. Karagianis emphasized that “Greece has made great progress in the past three years. The country is forming a new relationship of trust with the citizens.”

And the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure continued, “The year 2023 will be a year of elections,” noting that “in recent decades, there has been no government that has faced such major crises – mainly external ones – in such a short time and with such remarkable success.”

“Citizens will be asked to reward or deny the strong performance of the Greek economy,” noted Mr. Karagianis. They will be asked to reward the fact that this government has allocated more than 50 billion euros to deal with the energy crisis and the financial crisis. He said that they will be asked to reward that, at this moment, the largest public infrastructure improvement program in the past decades, after 2004, is being implemented.

“In simple words, you will be asked to decide whether to renew your faith in a prime minister, in a government, in a faction, as he has done so many times in the past, leading the country safely through very difficult times.” concluded the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.


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